M.L. Bradley, a Navan-based school bus company, donated one of their retired school buses to us, so we can help the community. Thank you Gord, Andrew, Frank, Eric and Justin for your support in this adventure!
A huge thank you to Precision Diesel and WUBS Transit in Winchester that saved our second season. When Bertha’s transmission died on us, they were able to find a replacement. Without their generous help, we would not be able to offer our services. If you have a diesel truck or bus, I invite you to visit Precision Diesel for an amazing service. Thank you Richard, Nanda, Matt, Simon and the whole team at Precision Diesel.

We would like to thank Ariane Bédard for her incredible work with our logo. She is truly an amazing designer.

We also want to thank the following companies for their support

Official Hair Product Sponsor

Other companies helped us along the way: Domicile, Home Hardware Spencerville (where we got 10% off on supplies).

We cannot thank enough Victor & Marguerite Ménard for their time and devotion to converting the bus alongside us. They have not only allowed the use of their backyard for this conversion but they have also helped us with all the dirty work (and I mean really dirty sometimes :). Merci!

A special mention to Unsplash.com where we selected most of the pictures for our Website.