GoFundMe Campaign

The Rolling Barber Project Seeks $15,000 to Offer Free Hairstyling Services to People in Need

The Rolling Barber, a non-profit organization from Ottawa, just launched its inaugural crowdfunding campaign in order to obtain $15,000. Its mission: offering a haircut to everyone who cannot afford one. The raised funds will serve to buy an old school bus, to transform it into a hair salon and carry the first year of operations.

The project is already gaining a lot of traction from local organizations. “In the past few months, I have contacted some charity organizations in the downtown area and I have been quite pleased with the positive feedback I have received. Not only does it give me the courage to set up this business, but it tells me that the need to offer such services is crucial,” says Anne Donovan, Executive Director of The Rolling Barber.

The organization decided to build a hair salon on wheels so as to be able to offer services anywhere and everywhere within Ottawa’s downtown core. Directors believe that the TRB bus will especially come in handy to individuals who are trying to put their lives back on track and have, for example, landed an interview.

For Anne, it’s all about paying it forward. “Many of my friends know that for some years now, I have been trying to find a way to help members of my community who are less fortunate than many of us. Now that I am working from home with a flexible schedule, I can finally do something concrete for my fellow community members.”

Supporters can contribute to this project by visiting the TRB GoFundMe page. Their contribution will help many in the National Capital Region.

The Rolling Barber bus should be on the streets of Ottawa by July 2018 as volunteers will be working all through the spring to transform the bus into a working salon. Those interested in volunteering are welcome to contact the organization at info@rollingbarber.ca.